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Bridal Gown Alteration Tips

So you found the perfect wedding gown and it cost a pretty penny. But  low and behold it’s 2 sizes too big in the bust, a little tight in the hips, and a few inches too long. This calls for an alteration appointment. We asked the girls at Everything But the Groom Bridal Boutique for their best tips and advice for bridal gown alterations to help you with this sometimes nerve racking task.

  • Make sure you bring the exact undergarments and shoes to each and every fitting
  • Don’t start your alterations too early, it only matters that your dress fits you the day of the wedding, not 3 months before (about 6-8 weeks is ideal)
  • Let the seamstress know if you are still dieting/working out/cleansing etc so that the 2 of you can work together to get the best fit
  • Be prepared for multiple fittings, most bridal gowns require between 3-6 fittings, more if you are doing major reconstruction to a gown
  • Make sure you budget for alterations, about $300-$600 for most bridal gowns, you’ve spent all this money on this beautiful gown, let’s make sure it fits to perfection
  • If you are adding straps/sleeves make sure that extra fabric/beading is ordered in a timely manner
  • Communication is key, if you don’t like something or the fit doesn’t feel good, speak up, only you know how the dress feels on your body

Following these easy steps will help to ensure your dream dress is perfect on your wedding day!