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Erica A. Flores was born in Vancouver and always felt passionate about wedding design and fashion. However, things don’t always go as planned, as she ended up working for a Mixing and blending company for about 6 years.

Although it wasn’t exactly her ideal job, it allowed her to pay for studies at Vancouver Community College and get a Fashion Design degree after all.

From here on, Erica started developing ideas to create a magazine in 2016 that would permit her to carry out her dream. She began going to wedding fairs and talking to expositors, dedicating her time to contact designers and suppliers for exhibitions.

That’s how she got enough knowledge and decided to open a website that will open the finest path to her and other wedding planners to promote themselves within the wedding industry.

We bring you a magazine with the purpose to offer information about wedding plans. Find out about the finest wedding fairs in the country, make contact with exhibitors that match your interests, and find fair wedding planners that work the best for you.

It’s My Wedding is a dream come true. We love connecting with new wedding suppliers and would love you to introduce yourself. We’re offering opportunities to fulfil the needs of exhibitors and future brides and make connections that allow better handling of the information so that it can reach anyone who needs it.