From the ostentatious to the minimalistic, the wedding day can be the most special event of your life. Not only do you need great ideas, but also someone to help you carry them out in the most professional and dedicated way possible. We present the most famous wedding planners you should know about.

Rebecca Gardner, Houses & Parties

featured image 6 Famous Wedding and Event Planners Everyone Should Know About Rebecca Gardner Houses Parties - 6 Famous Wedding and Event Planners Everyone Should Know About

An excellent choice if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. They like to play with soft lights, strong drinks, and unusual environmental music. Based in New York and Savannah, Rebecca Gardner specializes in artistic wedding decorations.

Lyndsey Hamilton

We all want a unique wedding and that’s exactly what Lyndsey Hamilton tries to do by combining the traditional with the creative and delicately builds each detail by hand. They take their floral compositions to a grand scale.

Matthew Robbins & Luis Otoya

For elegance and detail-planned celebrations, go with this couple. Their designs are holistic and timeless. For the special day, they compromise on guiding you through this process until you get perfect results.

Rafanelli Events

He promises to listen carefully and create a wedding party that projects the couple’s personality, reflecting their selves with balance. Rafanelli is a storyteller at heart.

Stefanie Cove

For a natural aesthetic environment, call them. Your perfect wedding will be full of organic-looking spaces, caring for every detail so they won’t look overdone. The most important thing is they’ll promise to be there at all times to solve any problem, so you won’t have to stress out.

Marcy Blum

When we talk about Marcy Blum, we must assume it will be a great event. They always focus on the fun from beginning to end. Of course, there’s a special touch of elegance and glamour in all the events they plan.

However, they want to make sure that your guests remember that day as the funniest wedding they’ve ever been invited to.

Always try to find a planner that adapts to your needs. Ranging from the small details to the most specific thing, it’s important to have someone with you at all times in case something goes wrong.

Be patient and creative. Remember, your wedding does not necessarily fully reflect your entire life but it has to reflect your love for each other.